What Are Penny Boards – Should You Buy One?

What Are Penny Boards – Should You Buy One?

Do you love to roam around your streets to discover new things with friends or solo? If yes, then penny board is something that you should have. Penny boards can make your leisure time very exciting. 

In today’s post, we will discuss what penny boards are and whether they are worth buying. If you’re interested in knowing more about penny boards, stay hooked to this post. 

What are Penny Boards?

First things first, Penny board got its name from an Australian-based brand Penny® Skateboards. This brand quickly became famous for small boards. They are somewhat the same as mini-cruiser longboards. Unlike longboards, Penny boards always feature plastic composition. 

Penny boards are shortboards in the category of skateboards. 

By introducing Penny Boards, the company has made the activity of skating more convenient and accessible. 

Are Penny Boards Safe?

Before spending your hard-earned money to buy a suitable Penny board for yourself, you should get some information about its safety. 

Are Penny Boards Safe?

The original Penny boards are designed using highly durable plastic so they can handle human weight ideally. They are made in smaller sizes for easy portability. Additionally, the plastic composition provides it with a flexible structure for ease of usage. All these features make Penny boards a safe product for all, even for beginners. 

Is Penny Board good for beginners? 

Yes, Penny boards are good for beginners.

However, beginners should choose Penny boards smartly as they are not expert in using them. Therefore, it’s great to buy a Penny board with more deck space for proper balance. The extra length of the board will help you get started conveniently.

The Original small-sized Penny Board is 22-inches long and will be challenging to ride for a beginner. However, you have a great option- nickel Penny boards that are 27” long and very easy to ride. You can even get a longer board having a length of 36”. Choose the best one for yourself. 

Being a beginner, you should focus on ease of ride rather than portability. Nevertheless, if your concern is portability, you should go for smaller Penny boards owing to their lightweight and easy portability. 

Is it easy to learn Penny Board riding?

Nothing in this world is impossible. Whether you’ll learn Penny Board riding quickly or slowly will depend on your capability to understand the tricks. Practice makes everyone perfect, and by practicing regularly, you can master this skill. 

You just need to pay attention to the following things while learning Penny Board riding:

– Footwear & Foot Positioning

– Balancing

– Speed Improvement

– Taking Turns

– Slowing & Stopping

Final Words

Should you buy Penny Boards? Yes, you should consider buying a Penny board as this can add to your fun while helping you develop a new skill. The Penny board has an ideal size to play around any region. It can easily fit in your backpack and can be carried along anywhere you want.  

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