How To Ride A Penny Board

How To Ride A Penny Board

Skateboarding is an enjoyable thing to do. Zooming past buildings and beaches, it is indeed amazing. But there are a lot of boards to choose from. Here we are going to talk about the Penny Boards. Penny boards are mini cruising boards that take you anywhere that you want. The special thing about these boards is that it is very compact and portable due to the small design of the board. Usually made up of plastic, this board is flexible and can endure a lot of abrasions. Riding Penny boards are just as impressive as bigger boards. But due to its smaller size, people might have issues in balancing — especially adults. But everyone can learn to ride Penny Boards after a little practice. Here is how to ride a Penny Board.

1. Figuring out the foot position

Everyone who skates has to figure out a foot position. One foot would always be on the board, and the other would occasionally kick the road to gain speed and keep the board moving.

Ask a friend to push you slightly from the back. The foot you put forward for balancing yourself first is the foot you would keep on the skateboard and you would kick around with the other foot.

You can also figure this out by putting alternate feet on top of the board till you feel comfortable.

2. Finding the Balance

If you want to ride a skateboard, you have to learn how to balance it. That is the key. If you cannot balance properly, you might have accidents. Therefore, one should pay attention to balance. When it comes to penny boards, they are among the most challenging boards to balance due to their small size. The best way to find your balance is to put your board on a flat surface and practice it. Try to stand on the penny board with the foot you are comfortable with while the other foot (the one that will be used for pushing) is hanging in the air. Do this as many times as you want till you find your balance. 

3. Moving and gaining speed

Now that you have found your balance, it’s time to start moving. Get into the stance where you stand on the board with one leg in the air. Now put the foot down and push yourself forward. Slowly put your foot down again and gain momentum. Do this slowly at first. Once you have started moving, put your other leg on the board. You will notice that the front leg is vertical with the Penny board and the other leg is horizontal to the penny board. This is precisely how it should be. You can move your feet around however you want, once you have got enough practice.

When you start slowing down again, put your back foot down and push yourself. You would often find yourself losing the balance and you may even fall a few times, but that is the right track. That is how you learn skateboarding.

You will soon be able to push yourself three to four times or more to gain more speed.

4. Turning the skateboard

You have learned to gain speed, but what about turning when needed? If you do not turn in time, you might crash on something that would be in front of you. It is fairly easy to learn how to turn. You can turn the skateboard by putting pressure on the sides of the skateboard. If you lean in front and put pressure on the skateboard side, you will turn to whichever side your face is facing, and if you lean back and put pressure on that side of the skateboard, you will turn towards the opposite side.

With a little practice and determination, you will be able to do this very fast and go in zigzag lines. That is called carving. With carving, you can enjoy yourself a lot and dodge minor bumps or pebbles on the road without stopping or getting off the Penny board.

5. Stopping 

Stopping is much more important and more challenging than starting. Abrupt stops, not stopping or stopping wrong can cause accidents. You might hurt yourself or anyone around you. To stop, hang your back foot mid-air and slowly let it come in contact with the road and let the speed slow down till you stop. Always calculate when you need to stop and accordingly slow down a little earlier.

6. Tricks 

There are many tricks that you can do with a penny board. One must keep in mind that tricks with a penny board are a little harder than other boards because of its size. But still, with enough practice, there are many things you can do. Do not limit yourself just to cruising and learn a few tricks. 

Keep in mind that you have to be safe. These boards are made with much precision to aid your safety and the durability of the board. But even though all these boards are made to endure bumps and minor crashes, make sure to take good care of the board. 

Similarly, even though the board designs aid safety, your safety also depends on yourself. Make sure to pad up properly if you are a beginner and if you are an experienced rider, take precautions. Skateboarding can be tricky and hence kids should always have a parent or guardian by their side. Hold hands with a friend or parent as you try to learn balancing and other things. Keep a first aid kit handy too.

Even when you are doing tricks, do not do them in a dangerous way or in a way that could harm someone else. Clean your skateboards from time to time and change the wheels when needed. There are tools available to do this and it is easy too. Apart from the safety measures, remember to have a good time and glide through the streets. 

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