How Much Are Penny Boards – Are They Worth It?

How Much Are Penny Boards – Are They Worth It?

Skateboarding is a popular sport and is always gaining more and more attention. But there are many boards to choose from. Some boards are used for tricks, others are used for cruising. Here we are going to talk about Penny boards. Penny boards come under the category of shortboards. Shortboards are usually used for tricks but unlike regular shortboards, Penny boards are used for cruising. It is a bit harder to perform tricks on Penny boards but with a lot of practice, you can do tricks as well.

How Much Does a Penny Board Cost?

Penny boards can cost anywhere between $30 to $150. Usually, most skateboards are pricey and so are Penny boards. It might be a little pricey for its size and build but it would most definitely give you endless joys. You can find Penny boards at toy shops, skateboard stores or catch deals and get awesome penny boards on amazon.

Are Penny Boards Worth it?

If you are searching built and look wise, Penny boards are absolutely worth it. They are small and portable. They can be fit into bags, small suitcases or just carried in hand easily. They can be taken anywhere. They are mainly made up of plastic. This makes them less prone to wear and tear. They are flexible and don’t break easily. These days they come with LED lights and all making it an amazing treat to watch.

But are they worth it for kids and adults who are riding it?

The answer to that question depends on the person riding the board. Penny boards are worth it for little kids and they are great. It is perfect for their age and the board size is perfect for their height as well. There will be lesser balancing issues and more fun.

Penny boards are worth it for adults if you like cruising and don’t have balance issues. The Penny boards are usually narrow and small so it is kind of hard to stand on them if you have big feet or are too tall.

But with practice, you can master that too.

Overall, it’s a yes from us to get yourself a Penny board but make sure you are comfortable on it before riding it. If you like it, you are going to have a great time. If you have balance issues or think the board is too small for tricks, you can always go for the regular skateboards or longboards.

Choose your Penny board wisely. Remember that it should have strong trunks and large shock-absorbing wheels. The Penny board should be able to endure your weight and should be easy to control as well.

Remember to put pads up and get a guardian or friend with yourself if you are a kid or if you are starting out. Also, take good care of your skateboard, it is vital for the life of the board. Hope you have a good time skateboarding. 

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