Top 10 Cheap Penny Boards

Top 10 Cheap Penny Boards

Skateboarding can be a very fun activity and there are many kinds of skateboards. One of these is penny boards. Penny boards are mini cruisers, compact and portable, great fun for anyone who rides it. If you have decided to buy a Penny board keep scrolling down to find the top 10 cheap Penny boards you can buy.

1. Meketec Retro Skateboard

PRICE: $38.99

Features: This skateboard is our first choice because of its distinctive look. The look grabs eyeballs and attention because it is so bright and colorful. It is amazing for kids and for adults who love bright colors.

Pros: It has a plastic built but it is very sturdy and bendable and can take weight up to 200 lbs. The quality of plastic built penny boards is that they can be very durable and endure more than wood boards, they are pretty lightweight too. These qualities safeguard a board from cracks, breakages and other issues that might be caused while riding on bumpy roads. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced skateboarders and will surely give you a wonderful time.

Cons: Might be a little difficult to Balance for adults and No LED lights. LED lights is kind of a trend and should be there in a Penny board

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2. Ko-on Skateboards


Features: We love this board because of the traditional wood built. It feels great to ride it around and hold it as well. It has a minimal look and the black makes it look elegant, on top of that it has LED wheels. That just makes it stand apart. Looks like a simple skateboard but would surprise you with LED wheels.

Pros: Wood built boars feel better while riding and have lesser chances of slipping. With this upside of the board, it is also smooth and durable. It has a compact design and small size that makes it easier to carry around and yet is sturdy enough to endure all the weight. It comes with a grip tape that reduces the risk of falling and makes it safer to ride.

Cons: Wood built Penny boards might be slightly heavy to carry around and are not bendable like plastic. They are less durable than plastic.

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3. Whitefang Skateboard

PRICE: $22.99

Features: This board is made up of Polypropylene, Aluminum that makes the skateboard strong and durable. It can endure crashes and tumbles and will be back as new with you.

Pros: It has soft PU wheels that can soak up minor bumps and pebbles on the road. Pebbles and cracks are often known to cause accidents that hurt both the rider and the skateboard. It is extremely easy to ride because of these qualities and is long-lasting. You can ride it wherever you want and do as many tricks as you want on it. The look is pretty unique and modern. The graffiti on it gives it a cool look and the board stands apart from the other boards on the road. Kids will have a great time riding around on this amazing board.

Cons: Doesn’t have grip tape.

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4. Vintage Skateboard

PRICE: $34.99

Features: This is a classic styled skateboard. The deck is solid black and the wheels are a different solid color. This combination gives it a classic and elegant look.

Pros: The wheels are interchangeable so you can add on any color you want. Isn’t that great? This board has a plastic build which makes it durable and long-lasting and it does not have chipping like wood boards. The shape of this skateboard makes it easier to cut through the air and it glides smoothly with greater speed. The aluminum trunks give extra strength to the boards. This makes it a great option for both adults and kids.

Cons: Doesn’t have grip tape.

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5. Kryptonics Original Torpedo

PRICE: $34.94

Features: This board has a polypropylene deck which gives it enough strength to glide through the rocks or bumps and get through minor crashes. Coming to the look of this skateboard, it’s just lovely, the gradient and the graphics are placed in a modern-looking way. The pineapples on the black color on the black color gives it a fine as wine look.

Pros: This skateboard has got a rear grip tape that makes it easier for anyone to balance on it while guiding it through the roads easily. The trucks and wheels are built precisely to endure the weight of the rider properly and keep both the board and the rider safe.

Cons: None

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6. Merkapa Board

PRICE: $38.99

Features: We talked about wood boards with LED lights and we talked about plastic boards with colorful wheels, this skateboard is a cross between those two wonderful skateboards.

Pros: This board has a sturdy plastic built with LED wheels that light-up on rotation. While the wheels are a great scene at night it also makes cars and other people on the road aware of the fact that there is someone else on the road, riding. This makes it safer for the rider too. The built is durable and portable and makes the board long-lasting. The wheels are large, soft and absorb shocks and other abrasions on the road.

Cons: Doesn’t have grip tape. May start chipping after a while or a few crashes. Heavier than normal Penny Boards

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7. SGODDE Skateboard


SGODDE Skateboard

PRICE: $38.90

Features: This is the best skateboard to give a kid. The combination of colors is very pleasing and bright and is sure to appeal to the kids. Its polypropylene build makes it very durable and strong which is necessary in a skateboard. This skateboard is compact and cute and can be put very easily in any suitcase or box.

Pros: It has aluminum alloy trunks give more power to endure any issues that might come in the way of the board. The wheels are made in a way to soak in the obstacles and ups and downs of the road. The wheels also light up as you ride and will make your kid smile in glee. The design is made in a specific way to give higher speed and incredible control. The skateboard would take any sharp turns that might come and even if the rider wobbles the skateboard would turn just right to save the balance.

Cons: This skateboard cannot be used by adults. If you are looking for something both the kids and adults can ride, choose another option.

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8. DINBIN board

PRICE: $29.66

Features: The look of the board is calming is and cool and would definitely be a hit among kids. Adults that love summer vibes would love it too.

Pros: This board has a plastic built and is highly flexible hence gives incredible control. It has high rebound PU wheels that soak in any kind of obstacles. You can say goodbye to pebbles or cracks or bumps or whatever comes in your way. This board can carry up to 220lbs of weight. The design of the skateboard makes it an amazing option for kids, teens and adult.

Cons: Because it is highly flexible, kids might try to bend it further than its capacity to test it and end up breaking it.

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9. Geelife Boards

PRICE: $24.95

Features: This board is a wonderful board and easily one of our favorites because it has so many upsides. It has a lovely non-slip polypropylene built that makes the deck strong and durable. It comes with a grip tape that makes sure the rider doesn’t lose balance on the smooth surface.

Pros: It has high-speed bearings to give a great gliding experience with high speeds. Its wheels are highly durable and it absorbs all kinds of shocks on the road making it a perfect skateboard. This board can take up to 330lbs which makes it a great option for kids, teens, adults all alike irrespective of their age and weight. Wonderful for beginners and a classic for experienced skateboarders, we are all praises for this board. The skateboard also has LED wheels that give it an edge and make one visible at night to passers-by and make them alert. If all this wasn’t enough this board comes with extra grip tape, T-tools, silicone LED skateboard lamp, and all of this in a skateboard bag.

Cons: Absolutely None. We love it.

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10. LMAI cruiser

PRICE: $69.59

Features: This skateboard is a beautiful, eye-pleasing skateboard.

Pros: This board is strong for both kids and adults and is amazing to ride. They give a great gliding experience. These boards have zero noise, high precision bearing that gives amazing trips on the skateboard and increases the life of the wheels and board alike. They can carry up to 200lbs and is a great gifting option.


  • It’s a bit Pricey.

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There you have it, amazing Penny boards that will fill your life with adventure and thrill. Remember to take all safety measures, always be with a guardian or friend and have a good time.

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