Easy Penny Board Tricks for Beginners

Easy Penny Board Tricks for Beginners

What’s up, everyone? I hope you all are doing well and are safe too!

Today I’m going to share with you some easy penny board tricks for beginners. I have been using Penny board for some years now and know some amazing tricks that every one of you can try, especially if you’re a beginner.

Before I get started with easy Penny board tricks for beginners, here is a quick disclaimer – some of the expert Penny board users might not consider them as real tricks, but they are undoubtedly tricks you can learn when you’re starting out with Penny boards. Riding a Penny board is not just too difficult and these tricks will simply make your time more joyful.

Penny Board tricks

Now, let us look at the easy Penny board tricks are for beginners.

1. Tic-Tac

For this trick, you have to make fast movements to the right and left directions- small pivots. However, you just need to rotate for about 30° and make sure you do this really faster. Additionally, you should push yourself off to the other side to make another small pivot. This way you’re able to gain little speed and cruise around with more fun.

2. Flip Flip

For this trick, you should keep your Penny board in front of you and then standstill. Now, put your toe underneath the middle of the Penny board. Then, you have to flick your foot up; this is done to make your board make a heelflip rotation. It will undoubtedly take a couple of trials because your Penny board can over or under-rotate very easily.

3. Kick and Catch

So, this is the third Penny board trick for novices. Position your foot beneath your board in the center. Now the fun part begins- kick the Penny board up, and catch it with single or both hands, and walk away. It’s really amazing to see that board flying in the air when you kick it.

4. Toe Drop

This is another fun trick to ride a penny board for beginners. You need to drop your Penny board on your toe. This will help balance your board with ease, providing you with greater control while riding.

5. Surf

For this trick, you have to regularly ride your board, hold your board’s nose, and run your hand along the ground to get that surfing feel. Additionally, you can lean forward and backward to achieve that curve. That’s all you need to ride a Penny board on the ground like a surfer.

To do this trick, you have to simply jump onto your Penny board to get your other foot at the front side.

So these are 4 easy Penny board tricks that are best suited for beginners. When I started riding Penny board, I enjoyed these tricks a lot as they do not just offer more fun but also improve speed, and that’s why I’m sharing them with you.

I hope you also love these tricks and don’t forget to comment down below your favorite trick out of the above-listed ones.

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