Penny Board vs Skateboard: What’s The Difference

Penny Board vs Skateboard: What’s The Difference

Have you been wondering about the differences between a penny board and a skateboard? Well, in this post, we are going to explain the differences in the most simple manner so that you get to understand what exactly is meant by the two terms.



Penny board




Tough material like wood, fiberglass, aluminum, brass and steel


Small size

Larger than penny boards




Stability and comfort

Provides less stability, comfort and control when pushed

Provides stability, comfort and control when pushed

Grip tape

Not present



Good for commuting within the city

Mainly used on U-ramps or skate parks

Design and color

Wide range of colors and designs

Limited choice of colors and design


No limit to customization options

Limited customization options

Skateboards Explained

Skateboarding is a popular form of action sports and skateboard is the device used for skateboarding. It comprises of three main parts, the board or the deck, the wheels and trucks for attaching the wheels. The other components of skateboards are risers, griptape, bolts, nuts and bearings. It is a flat board of short length on which one can ride or perform tricks, either in a standing or in a crouched position. The device is mounted on two hard wheels fixed underneath at both ends. The wheels are attached with the help of skateboarding trucks. To move forward, the riders need to push their feet against the flat ground.

Skateboards can be constructed with materials like wood, aluminum, brass and steel and decorated with screenprinting. However, most of the time 7-ply polyurethane-coated plywood made of maple wood is used for constructing the board. The polyurethane coating makes the deck smooth and sturdy at the same time. On average skateboards are 81.3 cm long, 20.3 cm wide and 1.3 cm thick. Skateboard riders need to have better balance and this activity is performed on smooth surfaces. Knee pads and helmets are used as protective gear by skateboard riders.

Penny Boards Explained

A penny board is actually a skateboard made of plastic. The use of plastic makes penny boards lightweight and strong and lends a flex pattern. Penny board has derived its name from “Penny Skateboards”, an Australian company that began its journey back in 2010. They offer penny boards in three sizes, 22”, 27” and 32”. Due to the popularity of this brand, all small skateboards made of plastic are referred to as penny boards. A plastic deck or board with trucks and cruiser wheels makes up a penny board. Penny boards are about 3” wide and have polyurethane wheels (with plastic core) measuring 59 mm in diameter. A fast and good quality ABEC 7 bearing is also used in penny boards.

Such boards have pointed nose and have maximum width between the truck bolts, which narrows down towards the tail. There is no grip tape but comes with a moulded waffle pattern. Penny boards are also identified as small cruisers. Penny boards are small in size and come for a cheaper price. It is portable due to its small size and can easily go inside a backpack. It is available in all colors. It is suitable for crowded places with flat grounds. However, riding penny boards on hills may prove to be dangerous. A lot of space remains unutilized in the nose of a penny board as one cannot stand there. On the other hand, it has less space between the trucks and it is this space that gives riders better control and ability to stand comfortably.

Are Penny Boards good for beginners?

Yes, Penny Boards are a good option for young beginners as they have small feet. It is a great way to learn the basics of skating. It provides them with a fair idea about balance. Beginners get to know how to turn, push and move around. Due to its fast wheels and small wheelbase, it is good for cruising. One who learns the tricks of riding a penny board automatically acquires the skill of riding skateboards of different shapes with ease.

Meketec 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro

If you are considering the 22” long deck, it may not be a suitable option. Since the size is small and it is very fast, it provides less stability. However, it has adjustable trucks and one can tighten them for better stability. Since it is short in length, there won’t be enough space between your feet and it would make crouching difficult. A wider board offers better stability when compared to a narrower one. A penny board will be less comfortable for adults with feet size over 9 and they will have to put a lot of effort to learn riding. Compared to the 22” Penny Board, 27” Penny Nickel Board is better for beginners since it is more stable and can be controlled easily.

For beginners who wish to learn riding on a skateboard and go cruising should go for a 32” long penny board. They are lightweight, strong and have soft and larger wheels. Their prices are like other skateboards. Beginners with the intention of learning advanced tricks in future should go for a more stable option and not a penny board. A penny board lacks certain features required for performing advanced tricks like hard wheels, grip tape, supportive trick and space. However, with penny boards one can perform simple tricks. If you are new to skateboarding, it is best to choose a penny board.

Is it easier than Skateboard?

  • Riding on a penny board is not easier than a skateboard because of its narrow shape and small standing area. It makes balancing difficult. With a penny board, riding through bumps, cracks and rocks is difficult as the small and soft wheels will not roll over and hang up on those uneven surfaces. While riding penny boards, one should be careful and avoid cracks and bumps.
  • Whether a penny board or a skateboard is easier to ride also depends on the height and weight of the rider. For instance, riding a skateboard is easier than a penny board for average-sized individuals (between 5ft 5 inches and 6 ft). A skateboard has wider standing platform and it makes room for the feet. This makes balancing easier and makes for a comfortable ride.

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